The challenge

Inspired by a TED talk I recently listened to by Ann Morgan, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge.  Two of my greatest passions are food & travel, so I am going to cook a recipe from every single country in the world over the course of a year.  Not quite Julie & Julia (one of my favourite films), but an exciting foodie adventure none the less.
I would like to think that I’m quite an adventurous cook, but the reality is that I stick to what I know, both in ingredients and recipes.  So in order to broaden my culinary skills and experience .. this is my challenge!
I really want to ensure that I cook authentic recipes that originate from their respective countries, so I am appealing to my friends & others to help me ‘keep it real’ and if you know of or find any relevant recipes, please do share them with me.
Wish me luck!


I’m Natalie Sheridan, mad about all things food & travel.  My day job is in Digital Telecoms based in Berkshire, UK.
I’m not a chef or a writer and I work full time but I’m going to have a bash at sharing my experience in this blog.  I have no idea how much time & effort this is all going to take but I’m hugely excited about it!


I have 3 key principles for my challenge:-
1. All ingredients are sourced from the UK.  We have an enormous array of easily accessible fresh food in the UK, so I don’t see any need for me to seek produce from elsewhere in order to fulfil this challenge.
2. The recipes should be authentic and originate from each respective country.  I’ll be doing a lot of my research online, but also using cook books & friends recommendations.

3. I want to learn and explore different recipes but most importantly I want to eat really tasty food.  Rotten cabbage, fermented fish and the nether regions of various animals won’t be appearing in this challenge.

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